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Name:  meaghanx3eileen


Rating:  five

I was in a car accident about 3 weeks ago, a car came out of a private driveway without looking both ways and he smashed right into me, my car was brought into the other lane. I was sent to the hospital with at first just chest pains and about and hour after i was released i started to feel serious neck pain to the point that i could not move my neck at all the pain was so bad. my mother call dr. Zilahy and he told my mother to have me come in right away. Zilahy was extremely nice, he puts a big interest into his patients, i could tell it was more then just doing his job, when i started to make progress he was very happy, it really set into his heart. i couldnt believe how fast i was making progress, after 3 weeks i was feeling much better, not to mention i have a 6 months baby to take care of so it was hard, i had to depend on other people to help me out, when its my baby, but Zilahy gave me my independence back with my baby boy, i am so greatful that i went to him when i did. He is a great person and doctor. anyone who is in pain do to anything i highly would tell you to go to Zilahy if you want to be free of that pain!


Name:  melissax


Rating:  five

I was involved in a terrible car accident. A car came out of a side street smashed into me and pushed my car into oncoming traffic and an SUV hit me head on. My car was totaled. I began to suffer terrible migraines after the accident. So horrible one time i ended up in the emergency room. At first the ER didnt respond that fast saying a migraine is not an emergency, until i began vomiting on the ER waiting room floor then they took me in immediately. It was the worse pain id ever experieced. I thought my head was going to explode. They wanted to perform a spinal tap but my husband wouldnt let them. Thank God who knows what could have happed if they did. Soon later I was diagnosed with sprains and strains in my neck muscle’s who would of thought a sprained muscle could cause that much pain or bring on the worst headache of my life. The ER sent me home with prescriptions. They indeed did help the symptoms but they did not fix my problem. I began treatment with Dr. Peter Zilahy and the migraines became less and less to eventually I became symptom free. I would recommend everyone to go to Zilahy Wellness Center if you truly want to fix the problem not just mask the symptoms.