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Weight Loss Pittsburgh

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They offer a seminar about healthy eating habits, then they give you potassium, lasix and an appetite suppressant. The first couple pounds you lose will only be water wt due to the lasix which is a water pill.They have several different appetite suppressants but they will start you off with the ones with bad side effects that they try and tell you they never heard of before. They will not give you another suppressant even if doesn’t agree with your system for 30 days. Then you are offered a different appetite suppressant for the next 30 days that your stuck with and have wasted @ least $100 more of your hard earned money. The weekly check ups are really just weighing you and some rushed info about telling you what and what not to eat and a b12 injection. It seemed to me that they will try all the crappy appetite suppressant pills until they give you the one thats actually works with min side effects but thats after you spending a fortune to find the right pill and trust me they know with one is the best. The only reason why I say that is b/c I’ve heard of ppl who actually lost wt here. They will take advantage of a person who is really desperate to lose wt and will do anything to keep hope alive that one day they will get that miracle pill. Just exercise and change your eating habits, you will gain the wt right back if you don’t. Let God be you miracle drug.