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The Kanner Paradigm for Health

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NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE- ORTHOMOLECULAR MEDICINE A GUIDE FOR A LIFETIME OPTIMAL HEALTH. It’s an unfortunate fact that many people work and save for their retirement just to lose their savings to a major health crisis. Minor adjustments in lifestyle and additional insight on avoiding “lifestyle illnesses” such as diabetes and heart disease can have a profound effect on the quality of your life. LISTEN UP BABY-BOOMERS Now more than ever healthy aging will depend on the choices you make. As we age, our ability to repair cellular damage is compromised. Cognitive decline also becomes an issue. Being aware of what is happening and learning ways to mitigate these problems makes a lot of sense. It is time to learn what you can do!! Ask me about my top 10 nutrient list. YOU ARE NOT “DOOMED” BY YOUR GENETICS The old school of thought stated that you would probably experience the same health problems as your older family members. While knowing your family health history is important in planning your future, you have more control over your health than you might realize. The breakthrough science of epigenetics, a.k.a. the biology of belief, acknowledges that your beliefs can affect your gene expression for the better. This usually requires some behavior modification especially where behaviors and perceptions have had a negative impact on your health. BEING PRO-ACTIVE AND WELL-INFORMED IS THE KEY A. Information obtained through the internet or other media sources are highly suspect. Always check more than one source. B. Nutritional supplements can have a tremendous impact on your health but should be used at orthomolecular levels. C. Those who either or smoke cigarettes or overindulge in other drugs have been told “just quit”. While this is great advice, in reality knowing how to protect your health until you indeed do quit can go a long way in preventing catastrophic issues CONSULTATION FEE $249.00 INCLUDES FIRST VISIT (APPROX. 2 HOURS) AND TWO 1 HOUR FOLLOWUP VISITS. ANY NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS ARE MEDICAL GRADE AVAILABLE AT A DISCOUNTED RATE.

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I have been going to Dr. Kanner for a couple of years, he is exceptionally knowledgeable and doesnВ’t hold back. He reviews your history and lab results and provides you with a course of action that will bring your body into balance. He motivates you to make the necessary lifestyle changes by explaining the benefits and offering options specific to your needs. Whether you are just looking to become healthier or you have complex issues, he will guide you through the process towards the greater you. I give Dr. Kanner my highest recommendation.


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Rating:  five

Dr. Kanner is without doubt one of the most caring and knowledgeable health practitioners I’ve ever met. Not only does he understand natural medicine like no one else, he takes the time to listen to your concerns. I would definitely recommend him highly to you or a loved one! – Tom Petrie, Stony Point, NY