Peach Parking Corporation – 346 W 40th St, New York, NY 10018

Peach Parking Corporation

Category:  Parking Lots & Garages

Address:  346 W 40th St, New York, NY 10018
Phone:  (212) 695-3862


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Name:  kcac05


Rating:  one

THIEVES! I HAVE BEEN PARKING HERE FOR ABOUT A MONTH FOR WORK AND THEY STOLE MY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION AND USED IT AT STORES IN JERSEY CITY, NJ. I recently opened this credit card and only used it here. I just received my bill and saw fraudulent charges on it. The other day when I parked here there was a man on line in front of me telling them that at the same time he was paying to park here his credit card was declined because someone was trying to use it at a store in Jersey City, NJ. DO NOT PARK HERE IN LESS YOU WANT TO BE STOLEN FROM!!!!!!!!!!


Name:  jrane


Rating:  one

I’m only giving this one star because ZERO STARS AREN’T AN OPTION.This garage and it’s incredibly incompetent employees stole right out of our car! They even admitted that this was a PRIVATE garage..meaning NO PUBLIC ACCESS (meaning they were the only ones with access to our car). We noticed the theft not even 10 minutes after picking our car up, went straight back to the garage, asked to hear from their manager, who knew nothing by the way. It took over three days to hear from their manager After inquiring about the theft, they (once again) incompetently proceeded to “”file a claim”” with their head office, which…almost two weeks later…we still haven’t heard from. I’m serious. DO NOT PARK HERE.