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NYC Health & Nutrition – Weight Loss

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Personal wellness coach expert and former multi-medalist professional gymnast really wants her clients to succeed in their health, sports and weight-loss goals. Her personalized programs at NYC Health & Nutrition approach personal wellness head on with nutrition classes and private meetings that address proper nutrition and overall health, healthy weight loss and weight gain, energy levels, and detoxification. Her nutrition services for all ages and her sports and fitness recommendations help demystify good foods to eat and how to balance workouts with individual goals. And her intensive weight loss challenge programs targets all the obstacles in the way of her clients leading healthy active lives. By focusing on the client’s entire lifestyle instead of one or two limited aspects, she is more able to help each person make lasting transformations, and make peace in any remaining war they’re in against vegetables. For the past 10 years, NYC Health & Nutrition has been helping people to successfully lose weight and maintain it, become healthier, detox and cleanse, reach better performances in sports, feel good and enjoy a better life every single day. Besides the fact that our clients lose 6X more weight than dieting on their own, while feeling great and becoming healthier in the process, what sets us apart is that our wellness coaches are continuously learning the latest in health and nutrition science from distinguished cellular human nutrition top scientists in the industry specialized on cellular and molecular human nutrition at UCLA.

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Name:  Tim S.


Rating:  five

I played professional soccer my entire life and this company managed to help me take my performance to a new level. Straight forward, professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of sports nutrition. I highly recommend it.


Name:  Dora J.


Rating:  five

I started the nutrition program a month after filing for divorce from my husband of almost 10 years, & ending a friendship with my best friend of over 7 years. It was time to clean house, body and soul. I embarked on this journey with a friend. We had different goals, body types, and mind sets but weВ’ve been there to encourage each other and drag each other to the gym (especially in the beginning). Irina, our fearless leader on this journey, has been knowledgeable and supportive from Day 1. With her extensive knowledge of health and nutrition in general, her workouts in Central Park and her enthusiasm and excitement, sheВ’s kept me on track and moving forward. At 46, thanks to this nutrition program, I am the healthiest I have ever been. My body fat has decreased 10% and my muscle mass is 70% of my body weight! The nutrition products and Irina have become an integral part of my life and I will continue to be a customer and fan for a long time to come.