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Biography Groton Wellness Center is the first holistic center of its kind in New England, synergistically fusing state-of-the-art Biological Dentistry with Integrative Medicine to meet the health needs of the whole person. We are professionals in preventative and functional medicine, dental care, psychology, nutrition, and a host of complementary and alternative therapies. We work with you to develop a personal, comprehensive plan that achieves wellness and balance from head to toe. This is our mission. Are you ready to feel fabulous? The medical and dental health care practitioners at Groton Wellness are united by one purpose В– to work collaboratively and cooperatively for the highest good of our patients. Our approach is a holistic ecosystem perspective, always educational, non-pharmaceutical whenever possible and interdisciplinary whenever appropriate. ItВ’s simple and straightforward – in the service of your ultimate health goals. So when you ask yourself, “How can I find a doctor who will treat the cause and not just the symptoms?”, you know you have come to the right place. Welcome to dental care for your whole body. Biological Dentistry brings a holistic philosophy to the practice of dentistry. As such, it enlists the body, mind and spirit to the care and maintenance of the mouth, the gateway to the whole body. In fact, we can determine a great deal about your general health by examining your mouth. Once weВ’ve assessed your level of overall health, we utilize natural/alternative treatments and remediesВ—where possibleВ—and tailor-made protocols to bring your whole body into balance. When your mouth is healthy, you are healthy and vice versa. All it takes is personal, professional guidance to activate your bodyВ’s living, healing wisdom. Our Day Spa at Groton Wellness Center offers a broad array of traditional and innovative holistic services and mind/body/spirit rejuvenating therapies. Whether or not youВ’re receiving medical or dental care, know that any/all of our services and professional practitioners are open to you. We may recommend specific protocols or you may simply choose from our Menu of Services. Hippocrates, father of western medicine, said it best. Our Farm to Table Caf? serves only the freshest, finest quality organic and all natural ingredients. We buy from local and sustainable farms whenever possible. We cook real food using no refined flours or sugars. Local Food Chef Paul and Natural Foods Chef Karen create daily masterpieces using homemade condiments, nourishing bone broths and sauces, chemical free meats and produce. We take extra measures to ensure that our meat, poultry and eggs are grass-fed, hormone free and pasture raised. Gender female

Address:  493 Main St, Groton, MA 01450
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