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Address:  1171 E Putnam Ave, Riverside, CT 06878
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Name:  stephcasat7


Rating:  five

I have been going to Dr. Massoud for a few months now for several back, neck and shoulder problems which have been plaguing me for years. I can’t count how many other Chiropractors I have gone to see over the past decade and I have finally found the answer to my prayers! Dr. Massoud has in just months taken away the pain and numbness in my left arm and opened my world up to a new healthy way of living. The acupuncture and massage therapy are a HUGE bonus as well, and the staff meets my every needs with a smile each and every visit. He has started me on a vitamin regimen which has changed my life. I feel so much healthier, stronger and more vibrant thanks to the comprephensive care I am receiving. I am also a mother of 2 young children and the office couldn’t be more accomodating to them while I am being treated. I would recommend Dr. Adam Massoud to anyone and everyone I know. THANK YOU THANK YOU and keep up the amazing work!


Name:  baggsy33


Rating:  five

I was recommended to Dr. Massoud through a friend and I must say the treatment, the staff and Dr. Massoud were amazing! I’m a very health conscious individual with a background in sports medicine and athletic training and I was highly impressed with Dr. Massoud’s breadth of knowledge and multiple applications of treatment. Not only can Dr. Massoud treat typical ailments and injuries but can find the root cause of pain and discomfort in older injuries and failed treatments. On top of that – and what I think really makes him unique, is the alternative and supplemental treatments and counseling he provides for nutrition. Even further the massage therapy and the acupuncture were outstanding – so much so that I’ve gone for visits just to clear up my allergies and boost my metabolism. My energy has been through the roof, and if you’re interested in all natural supplements and medicines, he’s got the ones you MUST have. My friend who recommended me in the first place has severe neck injuries from an accident years back and has been to numerous specialists throughout the Tri-State area – now along with him, I too am convinced if Dr. Massoud can heal anything – way outside the scope of what you think a typical Chiropractor can treat. And as far as being money hungry (as its correctly spelled), that’s downright ridiculous, regardless if you care about your health or not, or how in shape you are – I’d pay twice what I currently pay to feel how I now feel after being treated by Dr. Massoud. Hope that was helpful.